Plan Your Stay in Rapid City

You'll spend most of your time at Deep, but we encourage you to take the time to explore when you can! 

Rapid City is a very affordable place to visit with lodging available starting at around $60 per night, and meals at $5-15.


You’re welcome to bring your family for your stay, but children are not allowed at Deep when we are open for business. There are numerous activities nearby for the family to enjoy while you’re completing the internship, and before or after your program. Don’t forget to schedule your floats at Deep outside the internship hours (Friday morning through Saturday evening) too!



The closest airport is Rapid City (RAP).


You will not need a rental car.nless you plan to visit attractions in the area like Mount Rushmore (30 minute drive) and the Badlands (45 minute drive).


Airport Express ($25) or Lyft ($15) can bring you to and from the airport.


Hotel Alex Johnson is affordable, close to Deep, and has style.

The Rushmore Hotel is slightly more modern.

AirBnB is also a great option in Rapid City.


Soul Yoga Collective

Local Breweries

The Elks Theatre

Ice Skating

Trail Bike Rentals

Mount Rushmore

The Journey Museum

Other Things to Do

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