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Cold Plunge Equipment

Designed for commercial & group contrast therapy, our Titan Cold Plunge is high performance, easy to operate, and is built to last.

Included Equipment & Services:

Open Float Pool

Cold Plunge Tub

Our high quality cold tub is made in the USA in a dedicated facility. Extra thick and insulated walls keep the cold in and the heat out.

With a generous footprint of 37" wide by 68" long by 35" tall, our ice bath accommodates two at a time and/or larger bodies. The extra space helps you relax into your session more deeply to find the cold zen.

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Chilling System

Efficient and powerful, our cold plunge chilling system is built for commercial and group contrast therapy. 

Our system will maintain 45° - 50° F through 10+ plunges per hour, including two people at a time. For smaller groups it will maintain 40° F. In general 45°-55° is the optimal for commercial spas.

Filteration System

Filtration System

Our filtration system keeps your cold water beautifully clean and features:

  • Reliable pump

  • Custom designed & 3D printed skimming system

  • AOP sanitation (UV + ozone makes the most powerful sanitizer)

  • 1 micron filter

On-Call Customer Support

On Call Support

We're not just wellness system designers, we are wellness center owners. Our knowledge base is priceless. Reach one of us via phone, text, and email throughout your installation process.

Installation Guide

Installation Guide

Paired with our in pocket service is an illustrated manual of the best installation practices we have found.

Free shipping

Free Shipping

Free crating & shipping to the lower 48 on cold plunge tub & all components.



All Mandala systems come with a 3-year warranty on the tub and chilling system.

Underwater Lighting

Set the mood with a MultiColor LED Lighting System.

The best cold plunge on the market.
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