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Clean & Cold Water

Designed for commercial & group contrast therapy, our cold system keeps up with a full schedule of hot human beings. 

Clean & clear water is something you can take for granted, maximizing peace of mind and enjoyment.

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Generous Size

Full cold water immersion happens naturally and comfortably in our oversized cold tub. Comfort and ease helps keep the body and mind relaxed, to breathe and to revel in the experience. 

Accommodating even the largest individuals and/or more than one person a time, is both a wise business decision and pure indulgence. 

On the right is Las Vegas Raiders star tight end Darren Waller with plenty of room to spare while he embraces the cold for recovery & evolution.

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Supportive Community

Deep Wellness Systems is owned & operated by successful wellness center owners with a passion for sharing our therapeutic practices & technologies. Since 2016 we've been outfitting and supporting wellness centers around the world. 

We are elated to provide our expertise, care, and innovation to you and your community.

Room to Relax

Oversized for two large adults to experience the deep cold bliss together.

Or, for one maniac pretending to be a seal underwater in the arctic.


Our custom designed, 3D printed skimming system cycles all the water through a 1 micron filter & AOP sanitizer. Keep crystal clear water through a busy schedule.


Our overpowered chilling system is efficient at getting cold fast, and staying cold.


"I love this cold plunge. The ability to sit upright, spread out and have two people in at once provides a great experience."

- Luke Kretschmar


Humans coming out of a 190° sauna put off a lot of heat! Their bodies and swimwear also deposit particulates that can make the water look uninviting.


The Titan Cold Plunge is efficient and powerful enough to keep up with party-sized groups of people :)

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When you purchase a Titan Cold Plunge you receive complimentary assistance with the design & planning of your traditional sauna. 

Lean on our experience throughout your installation. 

Together we'll get it done right. 

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More capacity, more fun, more income!

"As spa owners we needed a plunge that had more ease of use. Less cleaning means a lot in our business. We needed a plunge that was big enough so the water didn't spill out when someone larger got in, and a filtration system that could automatically keep the water debris free so we knew we were giving our customers a sanitary environment. At that point we were needing to drain the cold tub 2x or more per week in order to keep the water looking nice. We also needed a plunge that could keep up with people coming in hot after a traditional sauna. This one did it. We threw a party the first day to test it out before we opened it to the public, we had 30 different plunges during a 4 hour period and the water stayed cold and it stayed clean! The huge bonus of upgrading to the Titan Cold Plunge is we can accommodate more people in our contrast room at the same time, so we make a lot more money. The upgrade has already paid for itself money wise, not to mention the enhanced experience. We are so stoked!"      

~ Monica

Take the Plunge!
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